OCEAN Working Group to meet in Rotterdam in February

30.01.2015, 16:07 Uhr

Union Customs Code and Shipsupply

OCEAN's Working Group on Customs to meet in Rotterdam

 The Union Customs Code is fast approaching and final details of what the legal texts look like are being decided upon by EU decision-makers. OCEAN's Working Group on customs will meet on 12 February to discuss what the changes mean for shisuppliers in Europe. 

 The UCC has already entered into force in 2013 but be formally applied by HMRC on 1 May 2016. This means the change does not happen in the far future, but already NEXT YEAR. Any time is fast running out to prepare a business for the changes.

At the same time, EU decision-makers need to recognise the special nature of the shipsupply trade, an export related operation, where the vessel is the final destination of the goods to be exported. This requires different solutions and guidelines to create a uniform understanding and application of the new rules. 

The OCEAN Worknig Group Customs will meet to plan for upcoming changes in good time, possibly adjusting a business model and supply chain to help minimise the impact of change and to identify issues for the shipsupply sector. 

If you are a shipsupply company and wish to participate in this meeting, please contact your national shipsupply organsiation or, if not available, the OCEAN Secretariat.