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20.05.2019 | OCEAN Chair
OCEAN chairman encourages EU ship suppliers to VOTE in the European elections
 The Chairman of OCEAN has a clear message to all EU shipsuppliers: VOTE in the European Elections!

05.04.2019 | Elaborate Communications Ltd
Issue 80
 The Ship Supplier is published regularly by ISSA, with valuable information for ship suppliers, ship owners, ship managers and all those involved in supplying ships

20.03.2019 | Representative of ANPAN to OCEAN
The role of the National Association of Italian ship chandlers and maritime catering companies in Europe.
 (Associazione Nazionale Provveditori Appaltatori Navali), the National Association of Italian ship chandlers and maritime catering companies, was established in 1971 thanks to the vision of the pioneers of the modern ship supply business in Italy.

05.02.2019 | S. Moloney, Secretary of ISSA
Shipping is entering an interesting phase with smart technology and the drive for greater efficiencies influencing how shipowners and managers react to market conditions. While ship recycling levels work to tackle the tonnage supply/demand imbalance, shipowners are still under pressure to drive costs down and maximise every opportunity to make profit.

29.09.2018 | G. Saris
The Turkey Ship Suppliers Association TURSSA welcomes EU ship suppliers to Turkey
OCEAN Associate Member,TURSSA, is delighted to welcome ship suppliers from various countries – many of them in Europe – to meetings and networking at this year’s 63rd ISSA Convention & Trade Exhibition  in Istanbul, TURKEY. Read about what interesting and enriching programme awaits them and what having the world in Turkey means to TURSSA.


Brussels with host key decision-makers in European ship supply
 The next set of OCEAN meetings have been announced

OCEAN congratulates Kunio Mikuriya on his re-election
OCEAN congratulated Secretary General, Kunio Mikuriya, for a further five-year term re-election. Dr. Mikurya was guest of honour at OCEAN’s 40th anniversary celebration in 2016. 

The ISSA President reflects....
 The new President of ISSA reflects of the importance of close collaboration between OCEAN and ISSA.

01.07.2018 | Thorsten Harms
A Contribution by Thorsten Harms, Member of the OCEAN Working Group for Customs & Taxation
2018 is the year the European Union celebrates the 50th anniversary of the EU Customs Union. We reflect on what it means to European Ship Suppliers.

20.05.2018 | Dansk Skibsleverandør Forening
All you need to know about the Dansk Skibsleverandør Forening
”Men having been going to sea in ships for centuries; other men having been supplying those ships for just as long”