MCCIPs and 27 IT systems: Let's take our time to get it right!

25.08.2010, 13:48 Uhr

IT under the Modernized Customs Code

A commentary from Eugenio Mediavilla

Eugenio Mediavilla, the Secretary General A.E.S.M.A.R.(Asociación Española de
Suministradores Marítimos -Spanish Shipsuppliers Association) comments on the implementation of IT systems under the Modernised Customs Code.

Getting the appropriate IT architecture for both customs authorities and the trade community right is crucially important. It was so under ICS/ECS and EOS and it is even more important under the Modernized Customs Code. OCEAN joins trade collegues to ask for the development of complete,comprehensive and viable systems architecture before we ship supply companies make investments, develop new IT systems and introduce new business
processes. Epecially in times of economic and budgetary constraints for companies, we need to be ensure we "get it right" from the beginning.

This means that the legal provisions and the IT development needs to play from one hymsheet. They need to work hand it hand in order to create functioning systems in accrodance with the new EU law.  This work takes time - time is well spent if it produces good results. We should take our time for the
development of the IT systems which support the MCCIPs, including an analysis of possible shortcomings of the existing systems.