Abdul Hameed Hajah in the new ISSA President

Brussels, Belgium, 01.01.2015, 09:01 Uhr

Welcome NEW ISSA President and Executive Board

OCEAN welcomes Mr Abdul Hameed Hajah and new Board

OCEAN is delighted to work with Mr Abdul Hameed Hajah as new ISSA President and an Executive Board with strong European roots. All take office today, 1st January 2015

 OCEAN Chair Mr. Tosato warmly congratulated Mr Abdul Hameed Hajah as new ISSA President, who takes office today, 1st January 2015.  Abdul Hameed Hajah from Singapore succeeds Jens Olsen from Denmark. "OCEAN is looking forward to working closely with the new ISSA president. Mr. Hajah has already shown his interest and commitment to Europe and European shipsuppliers by attending the last two OCEAN Board meetings as a welcomed observer. He is well aware of the challenges European shipsupply faces at EU and national level".

Vice Chair Mr. Dirk Cupido expressed support to ISSA's new Executive Board: "We are very happy with how strongly Europe is represented! Not only will Mr. Fernandez from Spain continue his great job in working for us and ISSA, we are pleased that, two new Executive Vice-Presidents and close neighbours of Europe, Mr. Vladimir Koval from Ukraine and George Saris from Turkey will take up additional responsibilities in ISSA".

In 2015, ISSA will hold its 60th convention in Singapore. In 2016, OCEAN will turn 40 years old.