13.11.2011, 16:37 Uhr

OCEAN adopts own Code of Conduct for relations with EU Instiutions

"A serious committment to transparency and respect for open communication" OCEAN Chairman Tosato

In 2011, OCEAN joined  the EU's Transparency register. In addition, OCEAN  adopted it's own Code of Conduct with the EU Institutions to furhter ilustrate committment with transparency and compliance with the law and ethical principals.

 At their Board meeting on November 4th 2011, the OCEAN Board adoped a Code of Conduct for relations with the EU Institutions.

"OCEAN's interaction with European institutions is necessary for the quality of democracy, and helps the EU to deliver adequate policies, matching needs and reality" OCEAN Chairman Tosato explained. "On our own initaitve, we adopted our own Code of Conduct in adition to our committments in the Transparency Register. We want to send a strong signal to the EU that we are serious about transparency and  take due respect of ethical principles seriously very" he commented furhter.