OCEAN gave a presentation on EMCS and ship supply to the Excide Contact Group in Brussels

07.11.2011, 23:24 Uhr

OCEAN presents its thoughts on EMCS to EU Commission

Shipsuppliers express concern of common implementation of EMCS to the EU Commission

OCEAN participated in the Excise Contact Group meeting on 7 November 2011 in Brussels and gave a Power Point Presentation on the impact of EMCS on the shipsupply industry accross Europe.

 The Excise Contact Group met on the 7 November 2011. OCEAN was present at that meeting and gave a presentation on “Excise duty and Ship Supply”, by Jens Maagaard from the Danish Shipsuppliers Association. You can download the Power Point Presentation here.

The Excise Contact Group, composed of representatives of the European Trade Federations, of the Member States Administrations and of the Commission, ensures the communication on EMCS with the European traders associations. EMCS is the Excise Movement and Control System, which, according to the EU Commission is "the European project aiming at improving the efficiency of procedures applied to excise products moving under the excise suspension arrangements".