EU Member States, The European Commission and OCEAN

Genoa, Italy, 14.02.2009, 09:00 Uhr

European ship supply can count on our support

Visit of the EU to ship supply companies

From 10th to the 13th of February, the European Commission and Customs authorities from all across the EU met with Italian ship suppliers and visited the port of Genoa, Italy.

Acting on an invitation from OCEAN, the Organisation of EU ship suppliers, and ANPAN, the Italian Shipsuppliers Association, over 20 delegates from the European Commission and 10 different EU Member States held talks in Genoa for three days on the issue of the Modernised EU Customs Code.

With the support of Italian organizations like ANASPED, ATRI and companies like Costa Crociere, Ligabue Catering and Nuova Darsena Shipsuppliers, delegates went on a fact-finding mission which included a tour of the port of Genoa, meetings with local port authorities, port operators and other economic operators to discuss the practical application of European customs law now and in the future.

Delegates also learned about the operational procedures of economic operators in the port of Genoa and learned about the day-today concerns in meetings with the Chamber of Commerce, ship supplier representatives, freight forwarders, and maritime agents. After the meeting, Alfredo Tosato, the Chairman of ANPAN, said: “This meeting was our practical contribution to the somewhat theoretical discussions in Brussels. We wanted the EU Commission and Member States to see what ship supply means in practice, why we matter so much for maritime trade, why we are a trade that is different from others which needs special consideration, dedicated rules and procedures, with common application all over the European Union. I believe our voice was heard loud and clear”.

Michael Lux, Head of Unit in the European Commission’s Customs Department concluded the meeting by saying: “Through OCEAN and ANPA  we have obtained a better understanding on what ship supply is and why it matters in maritime trade and what the practical day-to-day problems in shipsupply are. The European Commission and the Member States of the European Union are looking forward to continuing our good cooperation searching for real and meaningful trade facilitation for the benefit of all European economic operators, including ship supply. Economic operators can always count on our support.” he added. ■