The OCEAN Board meeting will take place on the MS Crown of Scandinavia

Copenhagen, Denmark, 31.05.2011, 10:00 Uhr

OCEAN Board: "We are ready to navigate ship suppliers through stormy EU legal waters in the future"

Board discussed future challenges onboard the MS Crown of Scandinavia

The OCEAN Board meeting met on Sunday, May 29th 2011 in Copenhagen, Denmark following the annual ISSA convention – the ISSA Voyage 2011 - aboard the MS Crown of Scandinavia.

" Iam very pleased to see ISSA and OCEAN working closely together" OCEAN Chairman Stefan Ericson said. "First, ISSA’s 56th Convention & Trade Exhibition is, for the very first time, taking to the high seas sailing from Copenhagen to Oslo and back. This is a great opportunity to debate issues of international importance, like how to secure the global supply chain and what role the ship supply industry can play. Also "mutual recognition" of AEO programmes and the implementation of trade facilitation for ship suppliers accross the globe can be discussed. It is also the international veterinary year in 2011. Europe's stake at international customs, taxation and veterinary policy developments is very important" Mr. Ericson concluded. 

After this unique “ISSA Voyage”, the OCEAN Board met. The range of subjects to discuss was wide: Future planning for the MCCIPS, e-customs and EMCS after 1 January 2011, AEO and ship supply, the future of VAT - the Green Paper from the EU Commission and many other topics. 

The Board meeting was a unique opportunity for leaders in the ship supply industry to come together.