Zihni Memisoglu, TURSSA President with OCEAN Chair Costantino Zavoianni

Istanbul, Türkiye, 29.10.2023, 19:31 Uhr

Zihni Memisoglu

Why Turkish Ship Supply Means High Quality

TURSSA President Zihni Memisoglu reflects on the strategic significance of the sector's quality-oriented vision for the Türkiyish Maritime Industry

Türkiye's strategic geographical location in the centre of the world's shipping trade offers the Turkish Ship Supply Sector significant advantages: Since there are only two maritime routes to the Black Sea—the Bosphorus and the Dardanelles—the Turkish Ship Supply Industry and TURSSA bear a great deal of responsibility both nationally and globally. Without us, shipping cannot take place in the way many are used to.

TURSSA was founded in 2003 with the goals of serving its members, facilitating international trade, and registering business organisation standards. Our members prioritise quality and offer round-the-clock, 24/7 support.

Certification and standardisation are crucial requirements for TURSSA membership

 Our industry benefits from international certification, which guarantees quality. TURSSA encourages its members to obtain certifications from the International Standardisation Organisation (ISO). The Turkish Ship Supply Sector enjoys a solid reputation thanks to our highly qualified members who hold certifications in quality management, occupational health and safety, environmental protection, and food safety. As a result, the quality-focused companies in our ship supply industry support and enhance the overall economy and sector.

To make it obvious: Only highly skilled businesses that meet specific quality requirements are welcome to join TURSSA to contribute to the industry's high-calibre reputation. This is a must! It is this focus on quality that inspires the necessary trade confidence between the land-based ship supplier and the seaside vessel owner. Quality assurance means a trusting relationship between partners becomes easier.

Our Responsibility: Sustainable Ship Supply!

We at TURSSA are aware that the ship supply industry bears a significant responsibility for maintaining a sustainable supply chain, given the importance of oceans to the ecosystem. The Turkish Ship Supplier Sector wants to grow its market share globally as an eco-friendly, reputable, and skilled service link between land suppliers and the marine industry. The standardisation principle, a sustainable supply chain, recyclable and environmentally friendly packaging, environmentally conscious logistics, and—above all—the cooperation between shipowners and suppliers are all covered by this vision. According to this perspective, awareness of all the facets of sustainability and responsibility is what constitutes quality in our industry. 

The magic formula in ship supply: Quality, quality and quality

In conclusion, the Turkish Ship Suppliers Association believes that quality is critical to maintaining competitiveness in the global market, contributing to the overall economy, adhering to international maritime law, enhancing trade confidence, and fostering a sustainable supply chain. We believe that a quality-oriented business structure can help a company emerge as a major player in the global maritime industry even in highly competitive conditions.

In short, ship supply centres around one fundamental, non-negotiable aspect: Quality.

Ship suppliers worldwide live this truth every day!

Zihni Memisoglu, TURSSA President