SNAN President Eric Barat and OCEAN Chair Costantino Zavoianni

26.06.2023, 17:22 Uhr

French Ship Suppliers Are In the Heart Of OCEAN

The President of SNAN explains why OCEAN matters to French ship suppliers

Eric Barat, an esteemed figure as the President of the prestigious French Ship suppliers Association (SNAN), sheds light on the ease with which French ship suppliers can form productive partnerships with their European peers.

It was an honour to welcome the OCEAN Board to the stunning city of Paris. This momentous occasion filled us with immense happiness and reaffirmed our commitment to excellence. The discussions were insightful and covered crucial industry topics. SNAN extends congratulations to the outgoing president, Mr Sump, for his remarkable achievements. We also wish the incoming president, Mr. Zavoianni, continued success throughout his tenure.

France's extensive coastlines and unparalleled expertise make it a dominant presence in the maritime domain. Our exclusive economic zone spans over 20,000 kilometres, in which our profession operates. Ship suppliers along this vast coastline cater to the needs of the French nation and its overseas departments and territories, known as DOM-TOMs, which are an essential part of France's identity and are proudly represented by the country.

France's role in the global maritime economy is nothing short of impressive, with a fleet of almost a thousand boats and a strong presence in both port activity and shipbuilding. It is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our ship suppliers, whose contribution to the French maritime economy cannot be overstated. It is crucial that we continue to support them in every way possible, ensuring that they have access to the ports and vessels they need to thrive. Through this unwavering commitment, we can solidify our position as a major player in the maritime industry, inspiring others to follow in our footsteps.

The operational endeavours of a ship supplier in France, as well as their counterparts in various European nations, are significantly influenced by a multitude of factors. These encompass import and export regulations, transit limitations, value-added tax (VAT) considerations, excise duties, veterinary protocols, transportation constraints, and prevailing social restrictions. In our company's comprehensive risk assessment, legislative change has been identified as one of the vital potential hazards, ranking third in terms of significance.

Achieving a balance between staying compliant and adapting to new circumstances can be a daunting task. However, through the SNAN strategy, we aim to forge powerful and fruitful collaborations with esteemed French Customs officials that aim to enhance compliance and economic performance for the benefit of all.

However, it is imperative to acknowledge that France and its esteemed French Ship Suppliers are currently facing challenges in achieving the desired level of success independently. The impactful influence of EU legislation on our operations is felt well in advance of its formal adoption as French law. As esteemed French ship suppliers, it is imperative that we actively engage at the European level through our esteemed organisation, OCEAN. SNAN actively participates in the OCEAN working groups pertaining to customs, veterinary, taxation and excise, and, more recently, our sustainability working group.

Furthermore, we consistently convene high-level gatherings with our esteemed counterparts in Europe to deliberate upon matters of shared significance and foster a seamless flow of knowledge about triumphant methodologies. 

I am optimistic that our collaboration will endure for an extensive duration.