Constantino Zavoianni and Carl Forsman elected Chair and Vice Chair

Paris, France , 15.03.2023, 16:09 Uhr

OCEAN elects new Leadership Team in Paris

Costantino Zavoianni and Carl Forsman elected Chair and Vice Chair

Costantino Zavoianni from Italian Member ANPAN and Carl Forsman, Chairman of the Swedish Sveriges Skeppshandlareforbund have been elected Chair and Vice Chair and entrusted to take OCEAN into it's 50th. They will serve from 2023 to 2025.

OCEAN now has a new Chairman and Vice Chairman. Mr. Costantino Zavoianni of the Italian Member ANPAN and Mr. Carl Forsman, Chairman of the Swedish Sveriges Skeppshandelforbund, were chosen Chair and Vice Chair at the OCEAN Board meeting held in Paris, France on 15 March 2023. They will serve from 2023 to 2025, bringing OCEAN to its 50th anniversary of existence (2026).

At the meeting in Paris, which marked the first time in over two decades that the European Ship Supply Industry had returned to France, the unified voice of ship supply in Europe voted unanimously and resoundingly to place the future of the organisation in a powerful combination of South-North cooperation, with leaders from Italy and Sweden in charge of OCEAN's future. With the re-elected Treasurer, Jens Olsen, a former ISSA President and OCEAN chair, the trio represents both geographical balance and generational rejuvenation, as well as unmatched expertise in EU and international ship supply.

"I owe the OCEAN Board a debt of gratitude for asking me to be Chair of OCEAN. This is a huge privilege" following his election, Costantino Zavoianni said, "But, I must give credit to my predecessor, Mr. Wolfgang Sump, who was essential in unifying OCEAN and propelling us ahead via his expertise, diligence, and leadership. With his guidance, I gained so much knowledge. Danke Wolfgang ".

"OCEAN is committed to ensuring that every member, from south to north and east to west, is adequately represented. We feel it is important to discuss new ways, ideas, and tackling the next difficulties, such as modernization, digitization, generational renewals, and female leadership. I am happy to be able to participate in this ongoing adventure in this position. Thank you for entrusting me with this responsibility," remarked Carl Forsman, Vice-Chair of OCEAN, following his election.

Upon his re-election as OCEAN's Treasurer, Jens Olsen said the following: "OCEAN enters 2023 with a strong new squad and an eye towards the future. Along with our worldwide organisation, ISSA, we will contribute to a more vibrant, resilient, and proud ship supply industry, and I will see to it that this occurs on a solid financial foundation. I appreciate your vote and trust in me ". 

The team will remain in office until 2025 and will work continuously to promote the interests of EU ship supply at the European level.





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