The Hellenic Ship Suppliers & Exporters Association

Brussels, Belgium, 18.06.2016, 01:55 Uhr

Hellenic Ship Suppliers & Exporters Association returns to OCEAN

The Greek Association re-joins the EU ship supplier family

European ship suppliers welcome the Hellenic Ship Suppliers & Exporters Association back into OCEAN during 40th anniversary celebrations in Brussels

During the 40th anniversary celebrations in Brussels, OCEAN, the European ship suppliers organization welcomed the Chairman of the Hellenic Ship Suppliers & Exporters Association Mr Nick Mavrikos to Brussels to rejoin the organization. Speaking in Brussels OCEAN Chair Dirk Cupido said: “We are so pleased that Hellenic Association of Ship Suppliers has chosen to join our organization again. We are also eager to work with you on the common challenges that we face with EU legislation, to support you in your professional endeavors to work towards our mission of improving EU legislation for our industry and to advance the knowledge and understanding or EU and Greek policy makers in what is ship supply. As a member, you will have access to the OCEAN's most current and comprehensive materials, including our prominent EU customs guide. OCEAN is your association. So I, personally, encourage you to take full advantage of your benefits as a member and join us in all Board meetings and contribute to the professional expert working groups. It is a pleasure to welcome you back”.

OCEAN members are entitled to attend Board meetings and participate in the active work of the association, shaping its direction and goals. OCEAN members will also have the opportunity to join OCEAN Working groups, attend meetings with EU policy makers, and benefit from a unique network of ship supply professionals, corporate leaders and policy- makers. “OCEAN is your advocate that works on issues important to you. It offers you venues for networking and allows you to connect with your peers and exchange best practices” Vice Chair John Davey added.

The Hellenic Association of Ship Suppliers was founded in 1975, is a professional non-profit organization and is governed by a nine-member Board of Directors. It is based in Piraeus.

The purpose of the Association is the collegial union of all persons practicing ship supplies in Greece, as well as to protect and safeguard the economic and professional interests of its members. With interventions and recommendations to various government agencies, the association is seeking to solve the various problems that arise in the supplies sector and to simplify the relevant procedures.

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