Genoa, Italy, 01.09.2015, 15:04 Uhr

Activities of the Association

Thoughts from the Chaiman

The Chairman writes to OCEAN members about the ISSA convention in Singapore and the Union Customs Code.

Dear OCEAN members,

This is the first time that, as Chairman, I am writing some notes to you, and I confirm this will become a habit, keeping you informed, from Board’s side, about the activity of our association. 

Together with many of you I attended the ISSA convention in Singapore, and, again here, I want to express my congratulations to ISSA chairman, Mr Abdul Hajah, and to his entire staff for the great and successful event organized.

In Singapore, discussing with many colleagues coming from all over the world, and with the local Authorities, I have, once more, introduced OCEAN, as the “key structure”, to represent and protect the “shipsupply industry”, confirming the vital role of the EU in the world maritime community.

Over the last few months, our “working groups” have completed a very important document that OCEAN officially presented in August 2015  to the EU Commission services (DG TAXUD ). We are confident that our indications will be adopted as part of the new “Guidelines” that the Commission will present to Member States for the proper interpretation of the recently approved new UCC.

I can assure all of you that, today, our activity as “shipsuppliers” is very well known and considered in the various offices that are producing new EU legislations in Brussels.

This is a great result indeed for which I thank again all members of the working groups, along with the entire Board, as well as for their continuous support.

We are only at the beginning of our “job” as new “heavy” challenges are awaiting us, but I am sure that, with your contribution, we shall be able to bring important growing opportunities to our industry. 

Alfredo Tosato