What does the UCC means for the Danish Shipsuppliers Association?

15.11.2015, 22:18 Uhr

VP Jens Maagaard

The new UCC and the impact on Danish ship suppliers

A contribution from VP Jens Maagaard from the Danish Shipsuppliers Association

While most Danish ship suppliers are looking forward to the 1st of May 2016 where the new Union Customs Code (UCC) will apply, a lot of questions appear. What will change, when will new procedures be introduced, and how will it affect ship supply? VP Jens Maagaard from the Danish Shipsuppliers Association looks at the consequences of the UCC for Denmark.

The main purpose of the new UCC is to modernize the customs regulations and align things for the 21st century and e.g. to introduce a paperless environment for customs and trade. However, the scheduled transition for IT implementation will last 5 years until 31/12 2020, and maybe even longer? Danish ship suppliers initially welcome the modernization that hopefully will lead to more advantages than disadvantages for the industry. Working with complex logistics systems up against old fashioned procedures and customs systems must now inevitably be changed in order to adapt modern technology and meet future global customers demand...Read on --->