Riga, Latvia, 20.07.2015, 21:08 Uhr

The OCEAN Board meeting in Riga in the context of the Latvian Presidency of the EU

by Oleg Butenko, Latvian Ship Suppliers Association

The Chairman of the Latvian Ship Suppliers Association takes stock of what the Latvian Presidency of the EU has meant for ship suppliers in the country and comments on the recent meeting of OCEAN in 

The basic principles for Latvia’s ship suppliers in 2015 are involvement, growth and sustainability. And, as our Prime Minister, Laimdota Straujuma, said, the Latvian Presidency’s Priorities are “competitive Europe, digital Europe and engaged Europe”. 

All OCEAN Board members having attended the meeting in Riga have come to know that Latvia’s ship supply companies are part of the ever-growing EU ship supply organisation; they are developing drawing on the experience of other countries and they are competitive on the EU ship supply market. 

Moreover, Latvian ship supply companies are contributing, in cooperation with the Latvian customs, to the development and the implementation of the Union Customs Code according to the Latvian ship supply legislation. 

The OCEAN Board members have also enjoyed the opportunity to see how the Latvian maritime personnel are working and developing along with new modern 21st century technologies.