08.07.2013, 07:52 Uhr

Easing of customs formalities for ships

OCEAN comments on Blue Belt proposals of the EU Commission

 OCEAN Chairman Alfredo Tosato has welcomed the plans set out by the EU Commission to ease custom formalities for ships – reducing red tape, cutting delays in ports and making the sector more competitive. 

OCEAN Chairman Alfredo Tosato commented on the EU Commisison's proposals and said in his home port of Genoa today: “Europe’s shipsuppliers support vessel operators and owners, ocean carriers, freight forwarders and exporters in their efforts to ease customs formalities for sending goods across Europe by short sea shipping. Moreover, we support efforts to significantly improve customs procedures for ships which carry both EU and non EU goods and stop frequently at EU and non-EU ports. Faster, better customs clearance can allow for more ships to call EU ports – and not be afraid and stay away because of an overburden of EU administrative procedures.  For more ships and less red tape!” Mr. Tosato commented.