Chairman Tosato addresses Delegates at ISSA Convention 58

London, UK., 01.06.2013, 14:37 Uhr


Chairman Tosato at ISSA 58

58th ISSA Convention & Trade Exhibition hailed a sucessess

OCEAN Chairman Tosato has presented the work of OCEAN at the  58th ISSA Convention & Trade Exhibition.

 Speaking at the International Event in front of over 150 delegates from over 43 countries, Mr. Tosato said that European Shipsuppliers need to carefully look at the legislative initiaitves of the EU, especially around Customs, Veterinary Affairs and taxation. 

Europe’s ship suppliers met at the 58th ISSA Convention &  Trade Exhibition, the international ship  supply industry’s premier event. The motto of the convention will was “Buy Right Sell Right”.

The OCEAN Secretariat from Brussels also took part in the convention and hosted a workshop on covering the work of  OCEAN, EU Affairs, and discuss practical matters of day-today  relevance of ship supply companies, such as importing and  exporting and customs and trade rules and reulations that ship  suppliers need to adhere to. 

Shipsuppliers from all of Europe, Kenia, India and the US attended the 
workshop, asked questions about trade matters and discussed new  customs developments, for example how to source goods using all  available customs duty reliefs, how to make sure the supplier of  your goods obtains them at the optimal price and how to get  customs officials “off your back” through trade compliance.