Stefan Ericson steps down after 4 years of OCEAN Chairman

20.10.2011, 08:01 Uhr

Board meeting to elect new Chairman

Leaders of the Shipsupply Industry to meet on 4th November

 Shipsupply is teamwork - a truely global business! This is the motto that brings the OCEAN Board together on November 4th 2011 to discuss issues of vital importance for the shipsupply industry. The OCEAN Board will analyse the latest conclusions of the European Council on the debt crisis and assess its impact for the shipsupply industry. Shipsupplyleaders will hear important updates on the Modernised Customs Code; the EMCS and Ecise Duty, VAT reform and other issues. At this meeting, Stefan Ericson, Chairman of the Organisation of the last 4 years will step down and a new OCEAN Chairman will be elected.