Getting the Modernised Customs Code right is crucial for Italian and European ship supply companies!

05.08.2011, 22:29 Uhr

Letter to the Rapporteur of the MCC: Is the Modernised Customs Code still modern?

OCEAN contributes to the discussion around the Modernised Customs Code

 On June 16, 2011 the European Parliament (Internal Market and Consumer Protection - IMCO) organized a public hearing on the Modernized Customs Code and its implementing provisions (MCCIPs) in Brussels. OCEAN sent a detailed letter to the “rapporteur” Mr. Mr. Matteo Savini MEP in Italian and English explaining what is OCEAN and ship supply industry. 

In the letter, co-signed by Vice-Chairman Mr. Tosato and Chairman Mr. Ericson, they ask if “trade facilitations” is still at the heart of the modernisation efforts of the European Union: “We believe that the Modernised Customs Code must therefore focus on bringing about real, tangible trade facilitation to genuine, secure business” Mr Ericson wrote. For AEO, they asked for more genuine, tangible benefits, including:

-       A guarantee waiver

-       Lower insurance premium

-       A customs duty rebate

We ask that under the Modernised Customs Code:

-       Ship supply is considered an export operation

-       The 3 CN Codes for ship supply are maintained and are operational.

-       Ship suppliers are exempted from making pre-departure declarations

-       Efficient and simple “Alternative proof” procedures are in place

-       Ship suppliers have the opportunity to benefit from simplified procedures such as “entry into records”

-       The export Control System (ECS) operates in harmony with the Excise Movement Control System (EMCS) system allowing for a quick and seamless transmission of the export message to the excise system.