Become AEO faster and cheaper! A new support tool specific for the ship supply industry

20.03.2011, 09:39 Uhr

AEO support tool specific for the ship supply industry

OCEAN publishes ISSA guidelines for members

OCEAN publishes practical guidelines for the ship supply industry to become AEO faster.

Ship supply companies are committed to a secure supply chain and over the last years, efforts have been stepped up to make our business even more robust. Together with the World Customs Organisation, the EU Commission and the International Ship Suppliers & Services Associaiton, OCEAN has now published a new support tool / practical guidelines, specific for the ship supply industry on the Authorised Economic Operator scheme.

This is a practical guide, illustrating the principle components of AEO schemes and advising on practical steps a company can take before, during and after the valuation process. The guide looks at the application form, the questionaires, the self-assessment and the audit as well as giving tips on how to interact with customs authorities. Also, the guide looks at ship supply specific issues e.g. like the incooperation of the updated ISSA Quality Standard 2010. 

If you would like to obtain a copy, please contact the OCEAN Secretariat. The guide is free for OCEAN members.