No more problems with opening hours for customs houses in the EU - thanks to the new guide

17.11.2010, 15:14 Uhr

OCEAN publishes "EU Customs Manual" for ship supply companies

Key contacts in key customs offices + opening hours brought together in one document

OCEAN Working Group for customs & taxation Chairman Peter de Haas Jr. has done a remarkable job bringing together all key staff in EU member States and ports from which ship suppliers operate.

The document has been produced by the Chairman of the OCEAN Working Group Customs & Taxation, Peter de Haas Jr. These "guidelines for our business and customs departments of the most important ports of the European Union is the essential guide for all your customs needs as a ship supplier. It is regrettable that the EU Commission does not provide for such a guide themselves. Our document is a simple but effective trade facilitation element which does not require long discussions, debates, drafts and seminars. It is concrete and practical" Peter de Haas said when presenting the guide in Brussels. The guide answers fundamental questions like who is in charge at national level, but who is my contact in the port I wish to access the vessel? What are the opening hours of the customs houses and what are the person's contact details? "This guide will go a long way in helping EU ship suppliers to take full benefit of the European Single Market including non EU countries such as Norway" President Ericson said. "This is a living document - it will be updated regularly to keep it up-to-date" the Working Group Chairman concluded. 

If you are a national ship supply association currently not member of OCEAN or an individual ship supply company, not member of OCEAN, please contact to discuss how you can obtain a copy of the document. For OCEAN members, please download your personal copy in the internal section of the OCEAN Webpage.