Entry into records cannot depend on AEO status

Brussels, Belgium, 20.08.2010, 11:00 Uhr

Implement "entry into records" in a swift, harmonised manner without burdening the economic operators

Comments from the chairman of the WG customs & taxation

The chairman of the Working Group on Customs and Taxation in OCEAN, Peter de Haas Jr., wishes for a swift, harmonised and unbureaocratic implementation of Regulation 430/2010 across the EU.

"We need Regulation 430/2010 to be put into operation for January 1st 2010 in a harmonised and swift manner accross the EU" Peter de Haas Jr. said coming out of a meeting with the customs experts within OCEAN. "Especially, the possiblity of "entry into records" is an important simplification for ship suppliers and might also resolve problems related to the insufficient opening hours of customs offices in Europe" he added. Regulation 430/2010 states that it should be possible for the customs authorities to authorise reliable ships suppliers to enter the goods exported in their records and to report their export operations on a periodic basis after the goods have left the customs territory of the Community. "The word "reliable"  is NOT defined as meaning to meet the requirements of being an  "AEO". - which is a voluntary system" Peter de Hass Jr. stressed. "Ship supply companies should not be artificially forced to join the scheme - it must remain voluntary - based on benefits for customs and traders alike".  It is equally important to stress that in the case of entry of the goods in the records, the act of entering goods into records shall be deemed to be release for export and exit. "I urge all customs authorities in Europe to allow for this simplification without delay and minimising administrative burden" he concluded.