OCEAN welcomes inclusion in the European Customs Information Portal

19.04.2010, 13:00 Uhr

New European Portal: Q & A for shipsupply included!

OCEAN analyses new customs portal http://ec.europa.eu/ecip/

Q & As for ship suppliers are part of the first phase of a new web portal to help ship supply companies to understand and follow the customs procedures for delivering goods onboard of vessels in the EU.

OCEAN - the European Shipsupply Association has worked closely with the European Commission on a new customs portal. It is designed as a single point of access to relevant and practical information in genreral and also includes a Q & A for ship suppliers. By clicking on -> Help -> FAQs -> 5. or
ship supply companies and customs authorities can find typical examples on day-to-day ship supply scenarios and the respective answer.  "Including information on the use of the export procedure for shipsupply and the use of the CN Codes for shipsupply is very welcomed and important. We need to communicate with national customs the use of simplified procedures accross the EU for shipsupply. This customs portal can help creating uniform procedures in the EU. I hope all shipsuppliers will us it when talking to national and local customs authorities" OCEAN President Ericson said today

The portal further includes animated scenarios to explain each step of the import, export and transit procedures, also of relevance for shipsupply. It also outlines the legal framework for such procedures, and includes information (such as policy information, databases and assistance services) taken from Commission and Member States’ customs websites. Shipsuppliers therefore can have a direct link to customs authorities in other EU countries.

This first stage of the "European Customs Information Portal" (ECIP) focuses on the application of the Safety and Security Amendment to the Customs Code, which entered into force on 1 July 2009. The customs portal was developed together with Member States and the Trade Contact Group, and will be further extended in the future to cover other areas and provide more in-depth information on customs procedures.

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