Special Report for Ship Suppliers on Modernised Customs Code Implementing Provisions published

17.02.2010, 09:00 Uhr

Special Report on Modernised Customs Code Implementing Provisions

Impact for Ship Suppliers

OCEAN has produced a detailed special report on the first consolidated draft of the Implementing Provisions of the Modernised Customs Code for its members. It allows to better understand the impact of the MCCIPs on Ship Supply.

There was a range of  Working Sessions on the Modernized Customs Code Implementing Provisions (MCCIPs) in February 2010 organised by the European Commission. They dealt with a whole range of issues regarding the MCCIPs, which will be applied from 24 June 2013 at the latest. This special report -exclusively for OCEAN Members - sums up the main elements discussed during the workshops from a viewpoint of European Ship Supply and provides a first analysis of the legal, 360 pages of text dating from January 2010. Issues treated in the report range from General provisions, Customs Debt and Guarantees, Customs Status, Customs Procedure, Special Procedures to the export procedure under the MCC. This allows us to comment on the impact of the MCCIPs for European Ship Suppliers.

To receive a copy, contact your national Ship Supply Association, which is a member of OCEAN. If you are not a member of OCEAN or an individual Ship Supply company wishing to obtain the report, find out how to join OCEAN by e-mailing Mr. Spencer Eade at secretariat@shipsupply.eu.