Cyprus Shipsuppliers Association joins OCEAN

01.01.2010, 00:00 Uhr


A unique geographical situation demands specialised Ship Supply Serivces

The CYPRUS SHIP SUPPLIERS ASSOCIATION has joined OCEAN effective from 01.01.2010. In a letter to OCEAN President Ericson, CYSSA President Stamatis Barboutis explains what being in the heart of Europe means for Cyprus Ship Suppliers.

In his letter to the OCEAN president, Ericson, CYSSA President Stamatis Barboutis explains why the Cyprus Shipsuppliers Association (under the umbrella of the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce & Industry) want to be working side-by-side with OCEAN on EU Policy matters: "Due to our island’s geographic location, we are the EU’s furthest border to the East and as such, a lot of major shipping companies have a base and their headquarters in Cyprus. This is a major reason that the service our members provide to the industry are of very high standards. Our unique geographical situation also means that European customs policy programs have special relevance over here. Here of key relevance are the customs rules regarding maritime trade and security. We follow the European debates on the Modernization of the European Customs and Excise policy carefully and engage with our national and local authorities to assess the impact on our business. Cyprus has its own “Customs Code Law” and the treatment of Ship supply is spelled out there for our island. We are looking for the same rule and the same benefits that our colleagues across Europe enjoy. For that we welcome the opportunity to work with OCEAN actively" CYSSA President Stamatis Barboutis said. He added:  "Our association is a long standing member of ISSA and our members are involved in general ship supplies (provisions, engine stores, cabin stores, cleaning materials, bonded stores, etc).