New OCEAN Chair W. Sump

Brussels, Belgium, 11.10.2019, 22:57 Uhr

OCEAN Board elects new leadership team for 2020-21

German W Sump elected new OCEAN Chair, and Dutch D. Cupido elected new Vice-Chair

 The OCEAN Board, at its meeting in Brussels on 11 October 2019, elected W. Sump, Vice-Chair of the German Verband Deutscher Schiffsausrüster e.V. of the as new Chair of OCEAN. 

Mr. Sump will succeed D. Cupido from the Dutch Nederlandse vereniging van scheepsleveranciers (NVVS), who let the organization for the last four years. The Board thanked outgoing OCEAN Chairman D. Cupido for his diligence and hard work over the last few years and look forward to working with him in his new position as Vice Chairman. Mr Cupido will replace J. Davey as OCEAN Vice Chairman and the Board thanked Mr Davey for his hard work at OCEAN. J. Olsen, was re-elected for an additional term as OCEAN Treasurer.

Speaking following the election, Mr Sump said he would build on the successful work of his predecessors by adding value to OCEAN members through the vital work of the OCEAN Secretariat in Brussels in the field of customs, taxation and veterinary affairs: “OCEAN’s contribution to the work of the European Institutions remains as relevant and vital as before. With a change in the European Parliament, the European Commission and the European Council, now more than ever, it is paramount to explain how our unique industry operates and why it is important to have a level playing field as regards European legislation. Under our leadership, we will be a strong voice in Brussels, speaking up for EU ship supply”.

The Board also confirmed F. A. Pinto as Chair of the Working Group Customs & Taxation.