ANPAN General Assembly

Genova, 20.03.2019, 18:21 Uhr

Representative of ANPAN to OCEAN

ANPAN presents itself

The role of the National Association of Italian ship chandlers and maritime catering companies in Europe.

 (Associazione Nazionale Provveditori Appaltatori Navali), the National Association of Italian ship chandlers and maritime catering companies, was established in 1971 thanks to the vision of the pioneers of the modern ship supply business in Italy.

Today A.N.P.A.N. has 55 member companies that efficiently cover all the main commercial ports of Italy, distributed all along the 7.500 Km coastline, with around 1200 employees, half of which employed by the major 4 companies, and with an average of 12 employees for the rest of the members.

Among our members are the catering divisions of COSTA and MSC CROCIERE.

The overall annual turnover is around 700M Euro.

The Association’s Head Office is in Genoa; on the Board of Directors stand representatives for six different geographical coastal macro-areas:

1) North-West

2) Centre-West

3) South-West

4) Sicily/Sardinia Islands

5) South-Centre-East

6) North-East

The Association also nominates 13 port delegates, in charge to liaise with local authorities.

Since 1976, A.N.P.A.N. prints the Italian ship suppliers directory.

Beside privately-owned companies, among the members of the Association is ATRI, the Italian Travel Retail Association, representing companies operating in the duty-free sector, with whom A.N.P.A.N. keeps close contact with sharing of information.

Despite the average dimension of the companies being still in the SME range, all members companies provide - with the same enthusiasm, strong commitment and renowned friendly approach - a high standard of professional service, based on a high level of flexibility, necessary to meet the challenging expectations of customers, as well as the heavy bureaucracy which affects our daily operations.

A special mention goes of course to the quality of Italian food products, which are supplied daily by our catering members to passenger vessels and off-shore customers.

Most of A.N.P.A.N. members are ISO Quality certified; the association is a strong promoter of the importance of certification for all its members.

The strategic position of our country - a real logistic hub in the heart of Mediterranean Sea - has represented and always will continue to represent an opportunity to develop modern supply skills, also thanks to the tight links with other European colleagues and with OCEAN. Our association, in fact, has always played a very active role within OCEAN, thanks to the ability and vision of one of our most representative members, Mr. Alfredo Tosato, chairman of OCEAN from 2012 to 2015.

Actually, our association has always had great interest in EU issues striving to reach, with true European spirit, the standardization of rules and processes, with a constant and close contact with local Sanitary, Fiscal and Customs authorities.

Moreover since 1973, A.N.P.A.N. representatives have been elected to the Board of Directors of ISSA, holding Presidency for 12 years. A.N.P.A.N. has - besides in ISSA - also been playing an active roll in OCEAN for many years.

Members socialize together during the annual convention which usually takes place in spring time in some of the most pleasant locations we have in Italy such as Capri, Venice, Genoa, Naples, Sestri Levante etc.

We take the opportunity to invite all our European colleagues to visit our beautiful country and enjoy the Mediterranean spirit.