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London, UK, 17.07.2017, 15:21 Uhr

Bob Blake, Chairman BASS

The British Association of Ship Suppliers presents itself

100 years + and going strong!

The British Association of Ship Suppliers is now over 100 years of age and presents itself here.

The British Association of Ship Suppliers is now over 100 years of age and was formed by the amalgamation of The British Ships Stores Association and The National Federation of Shipping Butchers Association. BASS is a full member of ISSA and of OCEAN and plays an active role in both Associations. Membership of BASS in 2017 stands at 51 members and all have a connection with the shipping industry as a direct supply company or by providing a service to the industry. Eight BASS members are elected to the Council where they serve a minimum of 3 years and are elected at the BASS AGM.

The BASS AGM is held each year on board WELLINGTON built in Devonport in 1934 and currently is moored on the river Thames. This is now the livery hall of The Honourable Company of Master Mariners who converted her in 1948. In 1991 the ship was dry-docked for 3 months and the opportunity was taken to incorporate the Company's marine paintings, artefacts, gold and silver plate, ship models and early 18th century charts. During this time the interior of the ship was fully fitted with a bespoke carpet and upgraded the toilets, offices and minor living accommodation for the members. She was originally an ex Royal Naval sloop and served before the last worldwide war mainly in New Zealand and during the war on North Atlantic escort duties. The engine-room has now been replaced, and the space will now hold some 120 persons for dinner functions or meetings.  

The main purpose of the Council of BASS is to ensure that its members are represented to promote the Ship Supply Industry to its customers and to ensure that there is a strong voice to prevent legislation is not a burden in the ship supply industry. This has been of extreme importance when working with OCEAN. It is likely that this will become even more important with the current political situation that is developing following the BREXIT decision taken by the UK.

For further information on BASS this can be found on the internet www, or by telephone to the Secretary or Treasurer on +44 1964 544554

July 15th 2017