Norwegian Maritime Exporters (NME)

Oslo, 27.09.2016, 23:43 Uhr

Marit Eggen

A new beginning for Norwegian ship supply industry

Joining forces with Norwegian Maritime Exporters (NME)

Mrs. Marit Eggen, Secretary General of Norske Maritime Leverandører, the Norwegian Maritime Suppliers, writes about exciting news to strengthen Norway''s vibrant ship supply industry.

 We are proud to announce that next year the Norwegian ship supply industry and the maritime exporters are planning to gain their forces. E.i. Norwegian Maritime Suppliers (Norske Maritime Leverandører) close their office in Sandefjord, and their members will be operated from our new base in Oslo. The office is situated at the same visiting address as the Norwegian Shipowner Association. Ms Marit Eggen is stepping down after many years representing the ship suppliers, and at the helm you will find Mr Erlend Prytz. Ms Eggen will remain in Sandefjord and serve as an advisor in extensive cases. Norwegian Maritime Exporters (NME) is fully committed to continue the programme for development of the Norwegian ship supply business. Also, we think OCEAN has always done a great job, and we are proud and pleased to continuing this fruitful collaboration.

Erlend Prytz comments that NME has since 1995 served as a vital link between Norwegian maritime companies and the global markets. “Although our core business is marketing in general and exports in particular, especially in the exhibition business, we are engaged in a wide range of activities. Further, we focus on creating networks for our members and clients.  We do this through promoting cooperation, organize official delegations to various markets, as well as through extensive market research.” 


There are many Norwegian maritime clusters and they have in common a strong tradition of technological innovation, cooperation between different actors, and maintaining an international perspective. Norwegian Maritime Exporters serves as an important link between the member companies in Norway and the international maritime industry. NME represents more than 100 of the nation's most ambitious and innovative companies throughout the maritime fleet and service cluster. Mr Prytz continues: “Our goal is to bring new ideas and impulses to Norway from international markets, and to support the Norwegian maritime cluster in bringing innovative new products and services to new markets. NME members range from established international companies to specialist niche players serving a wide range of market segments and new innovative firms.”


Norwegian Maritime Exporters is wholly owned by its member companies; consisting of suppliers and manufacturers of high quality products and services to shipping companies, shipyards and fisheries worldwide, with agents in more than 130 countries.


We also work a lot with making industry in general and our members in particular more visible in the media, raise the awareness with Norwegian authorities and funding agencies. An industry with approximately 20,000 employees and close to NOK 60 billion in value mainly in rural Norway should be on the government’s agenda. We are therefore working intensively to put NME and our members on the map.


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