The Union Customs Code - An opportunity for ship suppliers in the EU

01.05.2016, 12:00 Uhr

A new customs world in Europe: The UCC in force!

OCEAN welcomes the publication of the UCC guidance on ship supply

When European ship suppliers woke up on 1 May 2016, their professional world had changed. The Union Customs Code (UCC), a significant step towards the modernization of EU customs, serves as the new framework regulation on the rules and procedures for customs throughout the EU. Its substantive provisions entered into force on 1 May 2016. With it, did also new guidance for the ship supply industry.

"We would like to thank the EU Member States, the EU Commission and our trade collegues for recognising the importance of clarifying the provisions that governn ship supply in the guidance published by DG TAXUD. We greatly appreicate the publication of Annex B in time with the entry of force of the legislation, on 1 May 2016" OCEAN Chair Dirk Cupido speaking in Rotterdam in The Netherlands today.

"Ship suppliers and customs authorities alike had many questions as to what the UCC wanted to describe with Article 269 and Article 270. The publication of Annex B brings about much needed guidance, allowing us to better make use of the European Union Customs Union, which we greatly appreciate", Vice-Chair John Davey said speaking from Southamption in the UK today.

"UCC should be seen as a natural evolution towards a modern customs environment for which the results and benefits will be grasped only when it will be implemented in its full capacity by the end of 2020. It is essential that the provisions for ship supply are sufficiently explained." Peter de Haas Jr, Chairman of the OCEAN Working Group on Customs added.

With the UCC, the EU has streamlined customs legislation and procedures further and began the final shift of 28 customs authorities to a paperless and fully electronic and interoperable environment.  In addition, the concept of compliant and trustworthy economic operators (AEO) is strengthened with the UCC.

European ship suppliers are looking forward operating in such modern, compliant world - with proper guidance thanks to the guidance on ship supply provided by the EU today!

Welcome UCC – bring it on!