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OCEAN requests EU to keep our ships stocked
 Ship suppliers should be given ‘essential worker’ status to enable them to keep the EU’s ships stocked with vital supplies and spare parts during the global coronavirus pandemic, says the European Ship Suppliers Organization

17.06.2020 | ISSA
Though the global COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic has caused a slowdown in maritime trade, outside the force majeure factor the ship supply sector in Turkey continues to grow steadily, according to George Saris, President of the Turkish Ship Suppliers Association (TURSSA).

02.05.2020 | N. Mavrikos, the Chair of the Hellenic Ship Suppliers Association
Why ship supply guidance is no longer enough
The integration of customs legislation into a single community customs code and the provisions regulating value-added tax and excise duties on petroleum, alcoholic beverages and tobacco products, combined with the work of the European Ship Suppliers Organization (OCEAN), have highlighted the need for harmonised ship supplying procedures in all EU Member States for the surveillance of products delivered to ships.

N. Mavrikos, the Chair of the Hellenic Ship Suppliers Association and OCEAN Board member reflects on why the current EU ship supply guidance is no longer enough.


20.04.2020 | N. Proios, Member of the OCEAN Working Group on Customs, Taxation and Tobacco
N. Proios, Member of the OCEAN Working Group on Customs, Taxation and Tobacco says ship supply is ready to help eliminate the illicit trade in tobacco products
OCEAN, the European Ship Suppliers Organization, supports the European Union and the World Health Organization (WHO) in their efforts to eliminate the illicit trade in tobacco products. As N. Proios, Members of OCEAN's Working Group for Veterinary and Health Matters explains, the close cooperation between the European Commission and the European Ship Supply Industry ensures that the new EU-system achieves its goals when it comes to serving the many foreign vessels calling EU-ports each day.

13.02.2020 | M. Geeratz, Chair of the OCEAN Veterinary Working Group
The new chair of the OCEAN Working Group of Veterinary Affairs, M. Geeratz, reflects on what the new EU legislation on official controls means for the European Ship Supply Industry
After a process of almost nine years in which OCEAN, the European Ship Suppliers Organization participated as one of the stakeholders in many rounds of consultations workshops, seminars, position paper exchanges and other initiatives, new rules regarding official health controls gradually became applicable with the main application entering into force on 14 December 2019. A couple of months into the new law, it's time we look and assess what these controls mean for the European Ship Supply Industry and what the impact has been.

20.01.2020 | Dirk Cupido, Vice-Chair
OCEAN is honoured to be named a valued Supporting Organisation
An important part of OCEAN’s role in representing your interests as members, is working with the various regulatory bodies in Brussels so we are delighted to have been named as a valued Supporting Organisation for the forthcoming European Shipping Week 2020 (ESW2020) that will be held in Brussels in the week of Feb 17 to 21. OCEAN Vice-President D. Cupido reflects on this extraordinary event. 

They sit down for a tell all interview on a broad range of ship supply matters
In 2019, the leadership team of OCEAN was renewed. First, S. Moloney took over as Administrative Secretary General working from the UK. Next, K. Maier became new Secretary General for the Brussels office. In November, the new Chair W. Sump and Vice-Chair D. Cupido were elected. Time to sit down with all four and have a chat.

02.11.2019 | ISSA
The speech of the Secretary-General of the IMO will be a true highlight
S. Al Malik, ISSA President reflects on why attending ISSA64 Convention and Trade Exhibition next month is crucial for European Ship Suppliers.

29.10.2019 | Mr Suokari
Mr Suokari, OCEAN Board member from Finland, reports from NEVA 2019 Exhibition and Trade Fair
The Finnish Ship Suppliers Association visited St. Petersburg in September. The primary purpose of the trip was to visit the NEVA 2019 Exhibition and Trade Fair, which ws celebrating 31 Years Development of the Russian Commercial Maritime Industries from 21 - 24 September 2021.

12.10.2019 | F. A. Pinto
A look back to 2019 and a look forward to 2020
F.A. Pinto took over the chairmanship of the OCEAN’s Working Group on Customs and Taxation in 2019. He reflects on why the work of this specialized group is more important today than ever before.  


German W Sump elected new OCEAN Chair, and Dutch D. Cupido elected new Vice-Chair
 The OCEAN Board, at its meeting in Brussels on 11 October 2019, elected W. Sump, Vice-Chair of the German Verband Deutscher Schiffsausrüster e.V. of the as new Chair of OCEAN.