Българската Асоциация на Корабните Снабдители
Bulgarian Ship Supply OrganisationBulgarian Ship Suppliers Association

7 Alexander Dyakovich Str.
9000 Bulgaria
Tel. / Fax. + 359 52 600 162
GSM: + 359 888 711 496

Chairman: Mr. Iliyan Dimitrov (acting)

The Bulgarian Association of Ship Suppliers (BSSA) was established on 24.11.1995 under the name of ASSOCIATION OF BULGARIAN SHIP SUPPLIERS. Its founders are Mr. Vassil Ivanov Vasilev, Dimitar Petkov Petkov and Georgi Nikolov Petrov. The aim of the association is to unite and coordinate the interests of traders engaged in the ship supplying; to support and protect the economic interests of the ship suppliers, to assist and support its members in implementing and improving their specific business of servicing ships in Bulgarian ports. BSSA represents the interests of its members in front of the government authorities and institutions, owners and other organizations.