Veterinary legislation
European ship suppliers import many goods from third countries to cater for the  international crew onboard of   vessels.

As such OCEAN members are affected by the European organisation of veterinary  checks on products entering the Union from third countries. For OCEAN, it is important to have in place a simple and flexible  legislation notably where it concerns  the working environment of our industry.  Other legal elements which must be carefully considered and have a direct impact on ship supply include
  •  the storage system,
  • control & monitoring system,
  •  storage regime EU approved & for transit approved products,
  • supply to vessels outside EU territory with a veterinary certificate,
  • issing veterinary certificates,
  • 100% entrepot exit control.
Download the Power Point Presentation of OCEAN
Download the legal text: COUNCIL DIRECTIVE 97/78/EC of 18 December 1997 laying down the principles governing the organisation of veterinary checks on products entering the Community from third countries.